About us

PCB is a collection of couches and couch-people.

PCB History:

After a windy burn in 2015, a small group of friends in Berkeley decided to start their own camp the following year. These soldering and funk enthusiasts got together some new and old friends, acquaintances, and family to start PCB. They banded together in the desert with 1 Costco carport and many arduinos. Between then and now, a pile of glow pillows appeared. The rest is history.


In 2022, 22 people were placed at 4:45 & H on a 150x100' plot.  The PCBs told us it was hot, and the wind told us to not skimp on the anchors. Thanksgiving was added to the menu.  New side shade protected us all from catching any pandemic-related illnesses. Night volleyball at our camp was just as dangerous as it sounds.


In 2019, 22 people were placed at 4:45 & H on a 150x100'plot. Old PCBs were recycled. A shipping container announced the beginning of the forever camp. New events like the Diva walk off, microworkshops, and the rose 5k took place. The WOW bar opened. The reign of the lagbolt began, with the sawtooth shade second in command. PCB became an art support camp.


In 2018, 27 people were placed at 4:15 & D on a 100x100' plot. Robot light-sensing PCBs with sunglasses were designed by the virgin who finally came. Lagbolts started their coup against rebar. Circuit workshops were in the book. Wow flags adorned our bikes. The bar was now made of pallets.


In 2017, 21 people were placed at 4:15 & C on a 100x100' plot. PCB interactive games were designed by a virgin who couldn't even come. Our super jumper trampoline attracted children. The CFM and rainbow mode were born. The fluids bar took shape in the form of an aquarium bar.



In 2016, 15 people were placed at 4:45 & E on a 50x100' plot. Printed circuit boards were rush ordered. Rebar was hammered. A meowing cat was in a box.