Camping with us

Join our camp!

PCB is our comfortable, lovely home for a week every year because of all the wonderful effort our campers put in throughout the year. Being a part of PCB comes with different expectations before burning man, during burning man, and afterwards. We also understand that everyone has a life outside burning man, people like to contribute in different ways, and not everyone is local.

Dues are money and they get you stuff. PCB provides all the food, water, and alcohol you will need for the week, including a nightly family dinner, snacks, and a kitchen full of equipment and food to make yourself breakfast and lunches. We provide shade for your tent, shade to hang out, and said communal kitchen. Dues also pay for PCB's infrastructure, storage of the infrastructure, as well as materials for workshops which are PCB's gift to burning man, and other miscellaneous things that make PCB whole. We understand that burning man is expensive, so if paying dues is giving you pause, please reach out to the camp leads with your concerns. As our camp grows and matures and we no longer need to buy/replace as much infrastructure, we anticipate dues going down.

On playa, chores are things we all do around PCB to make it function. Chores include getting ice, bringing cans to recycle camp, cooking dinner, and doing dishes. They are pretty easy and can even be fun! They also are a good way to get to know other campers. All campers need to sign up for their fair share of chores, this ranges from 2-4 chores each year depending on how large the camp is.